How Much Does a Fishing Charter Cost in Destin?

Detailed information of fishing charter cost in Destin, FL. Wondering what a fishing charter boat costs in Destin? We have the answer below.
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Current Destin Fishing Charter Costs

Charter boat fishing prices in destin

In this article, you’ll find information on Destin fishing charter costs and the factors that influence them. There are multiple factors that influence fishing charter prices. Charter boat rates can range from a couple hundred up to a few thousand depending.

Florida fishing charter trips are some of the most memorable experiences you can have with your friends and family. Off the coast of Destin, FL, you’ll find plenty of fish in crystal-clear waters that run warm for most of the year. Whether you make the Destin fishing trip an annual event or a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you won’t forget it.

You are likely asking yourself, “How much does a fishing charter cost in Destin, FL?” The answer is relatively straightforward if you understand the factors that influence the cost.

Factors that Influence Destin Fishing Charter Cost

Factors that influence the cost of your Destin fishing charter include…

  • Type of Fishing Charter
  • Captain Expereince
  • Charter Reputation
  • Size & Quality of Boat
  • Length of Trip
  • Group Charter vs Private Charter

1. Types of Fishing Charter

The type of fishing charter you book is one of the factors that influence fishing charter cost. Different charters you can book in Destin include:

  • Deep-Sea Fishing: Some boats will take you and your party into deep waters to fish for tunas.
  • Bottom Fishing: This type of charter is best for groupers, red snappers, and amberjacks.
  • Offshore Fishing: If you and your group want to sight fish for cobia or offshore troll for sport fish like sailfish and blue marlins, this option is ideal.
  • Nearshore Trolling: Nearshore trolling charters are for tunas and king mackerels.

The charter you select will influence the final fishing charter cost. For instance, the deep-sea fishing charter cost might run higher than an inshore trolling fishing charter.

2. Captain Experience

When you charter a fishing boat in Destin, the vessel will have a captain who not only pilots the boat but also guides and advises you on the best fishing spots and techniques for what you’re looking to catch. The experience of this captain is a major factor in fishing charter costs.

How much to go on fishing charter in destin fl

It is always good to hire a boat with a highly experienced captain. Captains that know Destin waters inside and out will know precisely where to take your group to catch the fish varieties you desire. They will also have more than enough experience navigating waters, so you can be sure you and your guests will be safe on the trip.

The more experience a captain has, the more their fishing charter will cost. You can try to save money by seeking a captain with moderate experience, but it is better to work with a captain who runs many trips and can let you in on all the secrets of fishing on the Emerald Coast.

3. Charter Reputation

Charter reputation is another determining factor for Destin fishing charter cost. Destin is home to Florida’s best fishing, so the city has plenty of charter companies around. Before you can ask how much does a fishing charter cost, you need to consider the charter company’s reputation.

Charter companies with lots of positive online reviews and feedback tend to have higher prices. People are willing to pay for the company’s consistency and reliability. Top-rated charters are more likely to ensure their guests have a great time, which is why their reviews are favorable.

Destin fishing charter cost for couples

Working with a charter with less than stellar reviews is cheaper but risky. With positive reviews to back up a company’s abilities, you will have a good idea of what you can expect from the fishing trip. However, poor reviews or no reviews can’t guarantee how successful the trip could be, which is why the cost tends to be lower.

4. Size & Quality of the Boat

Before you book a fishing charter in Destin, consider the size of the boat you wish to rent. Boat size and quality will impact how much you and your group will pay. For instance, booking our 21-foot Cape Horn Destin fishing charter with five passengers will not cost as much as our 27-foot World Cat Destin fishing charter for six passengers.

It is reasonable to assume that the bigger the boat, the higher its pricing. Also, the more amenities the charter has on board, the more it will cost.

That does not mean you have to choose a bare-bones boat to save money on your fishing trip. However, you should consider comfort. Some small or old vessels won’t have bathrooms or spacious seating, which can be uncomfortable after hours at sea.

5. Length of Trip

Most fishing charters charge by the hour with a minimum number of hours per trip. Four hours is typically the shortest fishing charter trip available from most charter companies, with 8 hours being the longest available. With that being said, some Destin fishing charters will offer multi-day packages, especially when fishing for trophy fish like marlins.

Great time fishing in destin

Obviously, the longer a boat is out of the water, the higher the costs to operate the boat including fuel, maintenance, and the captain’s time. Consequently, prices do rise substantially for longer trips.

6. Group Charter vs. Private Charter

Private fishing charters are not the same as a group charter (also known as a party charter). Group charters are shared trips that charge per person for multiple groups or individuals. This type of charter is ideal for parties that are willing to share the cost and experience of a charter with other people who they may or may not personally know.

How much does it cost to charter a group fishing charter? It depends on the factors above. However, expect the cost to be much lower than private charter since there are more people to shoulder the cost. $50 to $100 per person is typical.

A private charter is, as the name suggests, a personal fishing trip for you and your group only. You will have more control over the boat and captain you sail with, making a private charter more expensive than a group charter.

The Fair Price for a Destin Fishing Charter

Destin fishing cost

How much should a fishing charter cost in Destin?

After considering all factors, you can expect to pay around $200 per hour for a good private fishing charter experience in Destin. This means a good charter will start at around $800 for a four-hour trip. This cost is for your entire party, not per person, and does not include the customary 20-25% tip paid in cash directly to your captain.

On the higher end, a luxury fishing charter experience will run you about $300 per hour. So these charters would typically start at about $1200 for a four-hour trip.

Although you can find them, it’s not recommended to charter a private fishing boat for less than $150 per hour. $150 is the absolute minimum you should pay because anything less than that significantly increases the likelihood of your group not having a pleasant trip or even running into serious safety concerns.

If you opt for a party charter or large group charter, the cost will change from per hour to per person. These charters are usually between $50 and $100 per person per hour.

When answering the question, “How much does a fishing charter cost in Destin,” you can’t forget tipping. You should have an extra 20% or 25% in your budget to tip the captain. Tipping is standard practice for the fishing charter industry, so don’t forget to include it in your costs.

Book a Fishing Charter with Southern Country Charters

Here at Southern Country Charters, we’re proud to provide premium private fishing charter experiences at fair prices that give you the best value for your fishing charter cost. Our highly experienced and friendly captains are ready to take you and your friends or family on a fishing trip to remember and guide you on what locations and techniques are best depending on what you’re looking to catch.

All prices for Southern Country Charters trips are listed on our booking portal. All starting prices for fishing charters are for our shortest trip, which is four hours long. Our prices range from $180 to $220 per hour depending on which trip and add-ons you choose.

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