Best Red Snapper Fishing in Destin, FL

Fishing for Red Snapper on the Emerald Coast

About Red Snapper

Red snapper fishing charter destin, fl

Because of their wide range of sizes, red snapper has become one of the most popular fish to bring the whole family out on a charter boat to catch.

On average, red snapper will weigh between four to eight pounds and measure somewhere around one to two feet. With a small average size, fishing for red snapper in Florida can be a quality family activity for small children.

On the other hand, red snappers can grow dramatically relative to their average size. These fish can weigh up to 35 pounds and grow as long as three feet, making them a fun challenge to catch for experienced Destin, FL, anglers. As such, red snapper makes an ideal choice for fishing, regardless of age or experience.

Red Snapper Fishing Season Destin, FL

The best time to fish for red snapper in Destin, FL, typically shifts each year, but when they arrive, they come in big bunches, making for quality fishing if you go at the right time of day.

Generally, the Destin, FL, red snapper season comes around early July to the middle of August. Typically, red snapper season on charter boats lasts for close to 50 days, although this changes year by year, just like when the fishing season begins.

Red snapper fishing charter destin, fl

Anglers can technically catch red snapper all year round, but charter boats will wait until the official beginning of red snapper season to take you to the best places to find them. Choosing the right charter can ensure you get the most out of the red snapper fishing season.

How To Fish Red Snapper in Destin, FL

Red snappers can be shallow water creatures, catchable at easily accessible fishing spots, but most of them, including the larger ones, are found in deep ocean water. Finding red snappers can be easy since they dwell across various ocean locations. Additionally, the fishing methods for red snappers are just as straightforward.

The most practical and common way to catch red snappers is with live bait. The bait provided by charter boats often includes small squid and cigar minnows. Red snappers are also attracted to cut bait, but people generally succeed with live bait.

Red snapper fishing charter destin, fl

Additionally, many charters will recommend fishing with a slip lead and circle hook. That fishing setup typically causes minimal harm to the fish, and since the majority of red snappers fall below the legal 16-inch size minimum, they are often catch-and-release creatures.

Best Red Snapper Fishing in Florida

You will find no better city to turn to for the best red snapper fishing in Florida than Destin.

Since Destin, FL, rests on the Gulf of Mexico, with easy access to several beaches and fishing spots, the town has built a culture as a thriving fishing community. Destin even has an official fishing museum, which displays examples of some of the award-winning catches reeled in on Destin’s waters.

Destin offers great fishing throughout its season, from late May to early November, so you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm weather and abundant activities. From its beaches to its ideal outdoor climate, red snapper fishing in Destin, FL, is perfect for experienced and novice anglers alike.

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