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Fishing for Tuna on the Emerald Coast

The Tasty Tuna

Best destin tuna

Tuna fishing in Destin, FL, is rewarding for fishermen of any skill level. These fish are plentiful in waters in and around Destin, and they often put up a good fight, which makes fishing for tuna in Florida a fun sport.

These saltwater fish usually range from 50 to 90 pounds, but they can get as big as 200 pounds, making tuna a prize to catch. After hooking one of these beautiful marine animals on your line, you can enjoy it raw or cooked. Fresh tuna has a meaty, juicy texture with a mild flavor.

Tuna Varieties in Destin

Different varieties of tuna call the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans home. Around Destin, FL, you can catch plenty of yellowfin tuna. However, that is not the only species that fills Destin waters. If you’re interested in tuna fishing in Destin, FL, you can catch:

  • Yellowfin tuna
  • Blackfin tuna
  • Skipjack tuna
Tuna fishing for families

Tuna Season Destin, FL

Destin, FL, tuna season usually runs from May to September. If you want to catch blackfin or skipjack tuna, the best time to do so is between May to August, but it is best to fish for yellowfin tuna during their spring migration. Florida’s fishing guidelines pose a limit on blackfin tuna fishing at two fish per person a day.

Tuna prefers low-light conditions. The best bites for yellowfin tuna are at first light and last light. On the other hand, Blackfins are more active at night, so that is the best time to fish tuna in Destin, FL.

How to Fish Tuna in Destin, FL

You don’t have to be an expert fisherman to have a successful tuna fishing trip in Destin. Start your expedition in waters that range from 70 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Look for aquatic structures like ledges, reefs, and floating grasses. These structures are home to many of the fish that tuna eats.

Tuna fish in man's hands

You could also boat to the Petronis, Ramp Powell, or Marlin Rigs about 95 miles off Destin for deep-sea fishing. Yellowfin tuna often schools around the up-current side of the rigs, while blackfin tuna stays toward the rigs’ south edge.

Once you find your location, make sure you have the right bait. Blue Runners, herring, flying fish, and ballyhoo make excellent live bait options.

Best Tuna Fishing in Florida

Destin, FL, is one of the best places to experience tuna fishing, which is why it carries the moniker of “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” The deep waters of the Destin Gulf Coast are home to plenty of tuna varieties. Though tuna season typically runs from May to September, water in this region seldom gets cold, so you can enjoy tuna fishing in Destin, FL, all year long.

You can enjoy and appreciate the challenge of catching majestic tuna and other big game fish out of Destin’s crystal-clear waters. After spending a day on the water, you can easily find a restaurant or bar to kick back and sample some of the local seafood.

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