Best King Mackerel (Kingfish) Fishing in Destin, FL

Fishing for King Mackerel on the Emerald Coast

The King of The Seas is the “Kingfish”

Thanks to the king mackerel’s incredible speed and fighting disposition, king mackerel fishing in Destin, FL, is an exciting adventure for any outdoor enthusiast.

King mackerel fishing charter destin, fl

These impressive fish follow the warm water around the Florida Panhandle and along the East Coast. Since they prefer temperatures over 68 degrees Fahrenheit, Destin, FL, has become a popular breeding ground.

The unpredictability of the king mackerel makes it an especially enjoyable catch, as they will chase frozen baits, live baits, or fishing lures. Thanks to the crystal-clear waters of Destin, Florida, you can easily spot the “king of all mack-daddy” fish, too. You can often reel in one or two of the impressive fish, then enjoy a fresh-cooked meal made with your catch’s delicate, flaky meat.

King Mackerel Fishing Season Destin, FL

You can catch king mackerel almost any time of the year. However, the warmer months are usually the best time to fish king mackerel in Destin, FL, due to the vast number of baitfish in the ocean.

Since king mackerels feed on baitfish schools, the Destin, FL, king mackerel fish season booms between the end of April and mid-August, when the tiny fish are most abundant.

King mackerel fishing charter destin, fl

Another benefit of fishing for king mackerel in Florida during the spring and summer months is the reduced storm risk. Calmer water makes for a more enjoyable and successful fishing trip. As autumn approaches, Florida storms increase in frequency, making it more difficult to find and catch the king mackerel on your Southern Country Charters fishing expedition.

How to Fish King Mackerel in Destin, FL

You don’t have to be a professional fisherman to learn how to fish king mackerel in Destin, FL. Trolling has proven to be one of the best techniques for catching king mackerel, as the slow flow of the boat creates a natural bait movement that attracts the fish.

In addition, the Gulf is full of aquatic grass, schools of baitfish, and fast-moving water. These factors combine to make it the ideal fishing location for catching a king mackerel.

King mackerel (kingfish) fishing destin, fl

Don’t expect an easy fishing trip, though. While not impossible to catch, king mackerel will put up a fight and may even jump out of the water when caught on a line. You’ll need patience and determination to reel in your catch.

Best King Mackerel Fishing in Florida

Since king mackerel prefer warmer climates, you can find some of the best king mackerel fishing in Destin, Florida’s sparkling waters. The crystal-clear ocean and bright sun make it easy to spot the fish while you enjoy the Sunshine State’s famous weather. 

There’s more than king mackerel fishing in Destin, FL, too. The white sandy beaches guarantee an unmatched view, while the local food and unique culture make for a satisfying night on the town after a long day spent fishing. Further, the nearby Destin Fort-Walton Beach airport gives traveling fishermen easy access in and out of the area.

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