Best Grouper Fishing in Destin, FL

Fishing for Grouper on the Emerald Coast
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The “Monster of The Sea” Grouper

When it comes to grouper fishing in Destin, FL, fishermen need patience and a willingness to fight for their catch. Once you have a grouper on the line, though, it makes for an impressive catch and delicious meal, as groupers are the choice fish for sportsmen looking for a tasty, sizable fish with firm, savory meat.

Groupers have large paddle tails that allow them to move quickly through the water, even while fighting a fishing line. Grouper prefer warmer waters, making the Florida Gulf Coast an ideal habitat. The deep-sea fish often hang around reefs or shipwrecks, too. Although it can take some time to catch one, reeling in a grouper almost always guarantees a good story. 

Types of Grouper in Destin, FL

Several varieties of Grouper frequent the warm waters of the emerald coast. While the most common grouper caught in the area is Gag Grouper, there are several others that are commonly seen. Here’s a list of the most commonly spotted Groupers on Destin, FL.

  • Gag Grouper
  • Skamp Grouper
  • Goliath Grouper
  • Black Grouper

Grouper Fishing Season Destin, FL

The Destin, FL, grouper season typically runs from June to December. Currently, state laws limit each fisher to two groupers measuring 24 inches long or longer.

The limitations placed on the grouper season in Destin, FL, help the fish repopulate during the spring. However, you don’t have to limit trips to the spring or summer when fishing for grouper in Florida. The warm-water fish flock to Florida’s sunny coast year-round. As a result, fishermen can enjoy grouper fishing in Destin, FL, any time of the year.

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That said, anglers often have more success catching a grouper when the water is calm. Florida storms tend to occur more frequently as autumn approaches. With that in mind, clear, sunny days are often the best time to fish grouper in Destin, FL.

How to Fish Grouper in Destin, FL

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Since groupers prefer to hang around the bottom of the ocean, anglers typically drop their bait and wait for the fish to bite. Fortunately, groupers are large fish with even bigger appetites, so dead fish or chunks of meat will entice the fish to take a bite.

When it comes to learning how to fish grouper, patience is key. Groupers like to take their time swimming around the deep ocean looking for food. The best way to get their attention is to jiggle the bait or drift your line. The grouper will put up a fight when caught on your hook, but their fighting spirit makes for an even more satisfying catch – and a great meal.

Best Grouper Fishing in Florida

The Destin Gulf Coast boasts some of the best grouper fishing in Florida. Destin’s white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters make it easy to spot aquatic life while trolling the waters. In addition, Destin rarely gets cold, making it an ideal year-round fishing location. That said, peak grouper season typically runs from June to December.

You can enjoy more than fishing during the Destin, FL, grouper season, too. When you return to shore after a long day out on the water, you’ll find countless eateries and bars to choose from for a relaxing and delicious meal.

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