What Should I Wear on a Fishing Charter?

It's important to consider carefully what you'll be wearing on the water for your fishing charter. This article goes over exactly what to wear.
what to wear

Comfort and Safety First

What to wear

Taking time to consider what to bring and on your fishing trip will not be in vain. The most important thing to remember when thinking about what to wear on a fishing charter is to dress for the weather. Most charter trips in Florida involve spending hours in the sun, so it is essential to wear comfortable clothes that help protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

Bringing sun protection such as sunscreen, lip balm, and sunglasses is essential. Additionally, many passengers experience motion sickness while deep-sea fishing. Those prone to seasickness can find over-the-counter medications to bring with them on the boat.

What Shoes to Wear on a Fishing Charter

It is important to know what shoes to wear on a fishing charter. Spending a day on the waters requires shoes that can get wet and will stay on your feet. Protecting your feet during a fishing charter trip is essential as many of the fish have teeth, and the deck can be slippery.

When deciding what shoes to wear on a fishing charter, consider bringing closed-toed and waterproof shoes rather than flip-flops. Passengers will also spend most of the trip standing, so it helps to have soft-soled shoes that are comfortable to stand in for long periods.

What to Wear on a Charter Fishing Trip

What to bring

Despite the heat of Florida’s sunshine, we encourage passengers to bring multiple layers. For example, bringing a windbreaker or a lightweight shirt such as a rash guard keeps you cold in the wind and protects you from UV rays.

One way to keep cool while being in the sun is to wear light-colored clothing. Light colors reflect the sun, keeping you cool while deep-sea fishing.

When thinking about what to wear on a charter fishing trip, it is important to wear comfortable clothes and can get wet. Bringing layers is a smart way to keep warm when leaving early in the morning or to brave the winds out at sea.

Hats at Your Own Risk

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Hats are great for protecting your face from the sun. However, it is essential to remember that charter trips are often windy and can potentially blow your hat away.

If you decide to wear a hat during a boat charter trip, remember to keep a strong hold on it. We’ll do our best to recover your hat should it blow away, but we can’t always guarantee a successful recovery. If you bring a baseball cap, we recommend wearing it backward to reduce the risk of it blowing away.

What to Wear on a Fishing Charter: Be Prepared to Get Wet

When determining what to wear on a charter fishing trip, remember that you are likely to get wet. Bring waterproof clothes or clothing items that you don’t mind getting wet.

If you want to bring other items such as your cell phone, fishing license, or wallet, be sure to bring waterproof containers. Ziploc bags are excellent for protecting smaller items from the water. Passengers are also welcome to bring waterproof backpacks and coolers.

It is important to know what to wear on a fishing charter before stepping off the dock. To bring other items that will help you be ready, focus on items that keep you cool, protect you from UV rays, and can get wet.

When going fishing, follow the tips above to be prepared for the worst and have fun!

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