Do Fishing Charter Boats Have Bathrooms?

Do fishing charter boats have bathrooms? Sometimes. Read on to learn more about what determines if there's a bathroom on board or not.
Bathrooms on fishing charter boats

Some Fishing Charter Boats Have Bathrooms

Spending hours out on the water can be a fun and relaxing time. However, you can’t always predict when nature will call.

Do charter boats have bathrooms? Sometimes. Most fishing charters have small bathrooms available to the crew and guests; smaller charter boats usually do not.

When booking a fishing charter, contact the captain or charter company to find out whether they have a bathroom on deck. We encourage private charter customers to use the restroom before beginning the trip to make the most out of their deep-sea fishing experience.

Types of Bathrooms on Fishing Charter Boats

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A port-a-potty on a charter boat works similarly to a standard one on land. Although they are convenient for full days of fishing, they require manual cleaning.

When a charter boat does have a bathroom, it is either a port-a-potty or a powerhead.

Port-a-potty bathrooms are common on smaller, cheaper boats. Most charter companies only open these in case of emergencies since manually cleaning them out is not a pleasant task.

A powerhead bathroom pumps out wastewater through the sewage tank in the boat. Although this is easier than manually cleaning it out, it is still a nasty job.

Your charter boat captain will have to clean out the bathroom at the end of the trip, regardless of weather conditions or bathroom type. Keep that in mind when you leave them a tip!

How to Use the Bathroom on a Charter Boat

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Contrary to popular belief, it is not always allowed to pee in the water; let’s keep our oceans clean and the fish we eat even cleaner! If nature calls while catching fish on a private charter, hopefully, there is a bathroom available.

Using a bathroom on a boat is not too different from using the one in your home. For port-a-potty bathrooms, however, you will likely not be able to flush. Keep this in mind when you feel the need to go on a boat.

Flushing toilets are more common on larger boats. If you need to use the bathroom while catching fish on a charter boat, be sure to ask the captain or crew about how to use the on-boat restroom.

Usually Reserved for Emergencies

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Do fishing charter boats have bathrooms? If yes, they are likely only for emergencies.

Cleaning out the bathroom at the end of a long day out on the water is a job that most captains prefer to avoid. However, they are willing to open it up for charter customers should the need arise.

The best practice is to use the bathroom before boarding the charter boat. This makes the overall trip more enjoyable and takes away the need to use a small charter boat bathroom. Contact your charter boat prior to the trip to learn about their specific bathroom availability and rules.

When using any bathroom on a charter boat, remember to clean up after yourself and obey any rules set by the captain. Keeping the bathroom clean reduces potential odor and keeps it ready if other passengers need to use it.

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