Best Vermilion Snapper Fishing in Destin, FL

Fishing for Vermilion Snapper on the Emerald Coast

About Vermilion Snapper

Vermillion snapper fishing charter destin, fl

Also known as a mingo snapper, the vermilion snapper is a popular panfish loved by Florida fishing enthusiasts. Vermilion snapper fishing in Destin, FL, is almost a guaranteed catch that ensures a delicious meal, thanks to the fish’s mild, sweet flavor.

The vermilion snapper gets its name from its unique color. The top of the fish is a bright vermilion, while the underbelly features a creamy white. You can also see yellow streaks under the fish’s lateral line, along with rose-tinted fins. Larger vermilion can grow up to six pounds. However, the average vermilion will weigh less than two pounds.

Vermilion snappers usually feed on invertebrates that live on the bottom of the ocean, such as shrimp, crab, worms, plankton, and squid. Since they prefer warmer waters, you can find the fish along the East Coast and in the Caribbean.

Vermilion Snapper Fishing Season Destin, FL

The Destin, FL, vermilion snapper season starts on January 1st and ends the last day of December. The year-long fishing season makes the vermilion snapper ideal for any fishing enthusiast looking for an easy catch. Simply put, you don’t have to be a professional to fish vermilion snapper.

Vermillion snapper fishing charter destin, fl

Typically, fishers find that June through August is the best time to fish vermilion snapper in Destin, FL. Since these are the warmest months of the year, an abundance of baitfish will fill the Destin coast, resulting in more snappers for opportunistic anglers.

Keep in mind that fishermen looking to catch the fish must obtain a special permit throughout the year-round Destin, FL, vermilion snapper season. Commercial fishermen with fishing permits must report their catches to comply with state regulations.

How to Fish Vermilion Snapper in Destin, FL

Vermilion snappers don’t put up as much of a fight as other fish species and are almost a guaranteed catch during peak fishing season.

Although vermilion snappers usually reside in the deeper parts of the ocean, they don’t always hang around on the bottom. Often, they swim around reefs, shipwrecks, and ledges between 80- and 350-feet deep.

Due to their small size, bite-sized chunks of meat are typically the best baits for fishing for vermilion snapper in Florida. You can easily catch these tasty fish by suspending the bait in the water. However, anglers should keep an eye out for predatory fish that may try to steal the vermilion snapper from your line before you can reel it in.

Vermillion snapper fishing charter destin, fl

Best Vermilion Snapper Fishing in Florida

Typically, the hot summer months are the best time to fish vermilion snapper in Destin, FL.

Vermilion prefer areas with warm water and abundant baitfish, making Destin their ideal habitat.

Destin offers the best vermilion snapper fishing in Florida. Not only does the crystal clear water provide unmatched visibility, but the tropical weather makes for an enjoyable fishing trip all year long.

With an airport only a few minutes away from the beach, traveling fishers have easy access to and from Destin amenities. Vermilion snapper fishing in Destin, FL, offers more than an enjoyable catch, too. Fishers can enjoy several restaurants and entertainment options in and around Destin.

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