What Should I Bring on a Fishing Charter?

You’ve booked a trip, and now you are wondering what to bring on a fishing charter. Here's the list!
What to bring on a fishing charter

Almost Everything Is Covered by Your Captain

What to tip your captain

You’ve booked a trip, and now you are wondering what to bring on a fishing charter. Thankfully, the list is short since your captain will cover the major items.

Your charter will come with a rod and reel, fishing expertise, and a dedicated crew ready for a day out on the water. The captain will often have a playlist ready for the day’s fishing adventures. However, passengers are welcome to make their own itinerary for the trip.

What to Bring on a Fishing Charter Boat

Phone and Camera

What to bring

When creating your list for what to pack on a fishing charter trip, the first thing to bring is your phone. Your charter captain and crew work hard to make your experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible, but it’s up to you to capture the moments!

Charge your phone before starting the trip so you can be ready to take pictures of Destin’s blue waters and any fish you catch while you are out.

Since you will be out on the water, it is important to be careful with your phone while on the boat. Place it in a Ziploc bag or store it somewhere waterproof to avoid water damage.

Snack and Drinks in a Cooler

A day in the sun can be tiring. Packing some food and drink in a cooler will keep you fueled and ready to catch more fish.

When bringing snacks and drinks, try to avoid bringing items that can easily melt in the heat, such as ice cream or chocolate. It is imperative to bring enough water for you and everyone in your group, as spending hours in the sun can lead to dehydration.

The cooler you bring won’t just be for snacks and drinks though. Make sure your cooler is big enough that you can pack any fish you catch into it! Your captains should gut and filet your catches for you, but you’ll need a place to put them to keep them cold on your way back home or to your hotel.

What to bring

Medication and Sunscreen

Next on your list of what to bring on a fishing charter are sunscreen and medication. The Florida sun is even stronger out on the waters, so you need to bring enough sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Many passengers experience motion sickness when on a fishing charter. Thankfully, there are several over-the-counter remedies available to prevent nausea and motion sickness.

Other emergency medications such as EpiPens should also be on your list of what to pack on a fishing charter trip. Your safety is the crew’s priority; having any necessary medications on you is critical for emergencies such as allergic reactions.

A Great Attitude

When it comes to knowing what to bring on a fishing charter, the most important thing is a great attitude. Our crew is excited to have you onboard and help you with whatever type of fishing you want to try. We want you to be just as excited as we are!

Before you leave the dock, make sure you have everything checked off on your what-to-bring-on-a-fishing-charter-boat list. Once you have everything on your list and a great attitude, you are ready for an exceptional fishing charter adventure.

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