Best Triggerfish Fishing in Destin, FL

Fishing for Triggerfish on the Emerald Coast

A Little About The Triggerfish

Triggerfish fishing charter destin, fl

Triggerfish represent some of the most common ocean fish in Destin, FL, and some of the most fun to catch on a charter boat.

Don’t let their smaller size fool you. Just because an average triggerfish only measures 12 to 20 inches and weighs five pounds doesn’t mean that they aren’t still a fun challenge to catch. Because of their strong jaw and sharp teeth, it is difficult to set a hook when fishing for triggerfish in Florida, but rewarding if you can do so.

Triggerfish might look odd because of their compressed body and large head, but they are one of the most exciting fish to eat if you can catch one over the legal minimum of 15 inches. Seafood enthusiasts revere triggerfish for their white meat taste with minimal “fishy” taste.

Triggerfish Season Destin, FL

During the Destin, FL, triggerfish season, the colorful fish appear in bunches, giving novice anglers multiple chances to reel in a good one on most days. However, the date that triggerfish season begins in Destin changes year after year.

Triggerfish fishing charter destin, fl

Generally speaking, there are two primary periods that state and federal waters open for triggerfish fishing. The first season will typically begin around the beginning of March and last for two months, often until the beginning of May.

The other best time to fish triggerfish in Destin, FL, typically begins in the middle of summer, around the beginning of August, and generally lasts until the new year, around the end of December. With several open seasons, fishing enthusiasts can enjoy fishing for triggerfish in Destin, FL, for much of the year.

How To Fish Triggerfish in Destin, FL

Novice anglers wondering about how to fish triggerfish need not worry. Choose a professional fishing charter in Destin, FL, who knows the area, making every trip memorable.

Triggerfish are aggressive feeders, meaning if you look for them in the correct places, you will likely get at least a bite or two. They will typically go after anything they could reasonably eat, so cut bait like squid or shrimp generally make for successful fishing bait options.

Triggerfish fishing charter destin, fl

The best triggerfish fishing in Florida typically happens near shore, often around artificial reefs and rock outcroppings. Triggerfish in Destin often gather around other fish species like red snapper and gag grouper. So, if you catch a triggerfish, there are likely plenty of other fish in the area.

Best Triggerfish Fishing in Florida

Triggerfish have become a popular catch for anglers worldwide in recent years, and there is no better place to find these beloved fish than in Destin, FL.

Triggerfish fishing in Destin, FL, is a frequent outing for both locals and visitors of the town. Because of the repeated occurrences of triggerfish in the Gulf of Mexico, Destin has become the go-to spot in Florida to reel in one of the plentiful fish.

But triggerfish fishing in Destin has become a beloved pastime for more reasons than just the accessibility to the fish itself. Over the years, Destin has built itself into a town with a robust fishing culture, complete with a fishing museum, which documents the angling stories and memorable catches in Destin’s history.

Simply put, there is no better town in Florida for fishing than Destin.

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