Best Mahi Mahi Fishing in Destin, FL

Fishing for Mahi Mahi on the Emerald Coast

A Little About The “Dolphinfish

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Mahi mahi—also referred to as the “Florida dolphin”—translates from Polynesian to “strong strong,” a name the fish earned for a reason.

Fishing for mahi-mahi in Florida can be one of an angler’s most rewarding experiences. These fish weigh around 30 pounds on average and can grow up to four feet long. Because of their immense size, mahi mahi will fight back and often win against novice anglers.

If you can reel in mahi-mahi, you will be treated to one of the best-tasting deep-sea fish found in Destin’s waters. These colorful fish with blue fins and a yellow stomach are sought after by seafood lovers for their mild taste and firm texture reminiscent of halibut.

Mahi-Mahi Fishing Season Destin, FL

Though technically catchable year-round, the real mahi-mahi season doesn’t typically begin until the warmer weather hits Destin, FL.

Fishing charter for mahi mahi near destin, fl

However, remember that while mahi-mahi season generally begins around the same time each year, the starting time for high season will vary. In most cases, the best time to fish mahi mahi in Destin, FL, begins in the middle of April and ends toward the end of August or the beginning of September.

Destin, Florida’s mahi mahi fish season can be expansive, and the starting date can be slightly vague. However, a general rule of thumb is that the best mahi-mahi fishing in Florida typically happens in the summer months, so when the weather starts getting warmer, it’s a strong sign that the fishing will be good.

How To Fish Mahi-Mahi in Destin, FL

Because of their size and strength, fishing for mahi-mahi can challenge both inexperienced and professional anglers. However, with basic knowledge of mahi-mahi’s general locations and the bait they like, learning how to fish mahi-mahi becomes a bit more manageable.

Fishing charter for mahi mahi near destin, fl

Mahi mahi generally swims in deep, warmer waters, making a fishing charter a standard option for people looking to reel one to shore. While these fish can be picky about what they eat, live baits like cigar minnows typically work well to attract their attention.

Location and bait encompass only one part of the battle regarding reeling in mahi mahi. Knowing which fishing techniques to use if you want to bring one in is also essential. Most anglers who have had success catching mahi-mahi in the past recommend trolling.

Best Mahi-Mahi Fishing in Florida

Mahi mahi fishing in Destin, FL, isn’t great just because there is no limit on how many fish you can keep or because the climate is ideal for both mahi-mahi and those who like to spend their time outdoors.

Instead, Destin, FL, is the ideal location for mahi-mahi fishing because of the fishing culture the city has worked so hard to cultivate. With easy access to beaches, the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and a plethora of local restaurants that will prepare and serve you your freshly caught fish, the city has become a pinnacle for fishing of all types, for visitors and locals alike.

Since there is no closed season for mahi-mahi fishing in Destin, FL, it makes the perfect activity no matter when you visit.

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