Destin Fishing Report (Week of Jan 9, 2023)

Photo from a Destin, FL fishing charter week of

Another week, another fishing report from Southern Country Charters. Here’s the latest from our captains on which fish have been biting this week out on the water in Destin.

Bottom Fish Biting This Week

  • Vermilion Snapper
  • White Snapper
  • Red Snapper
  • Shark
  • Scamp Grouper
  • Almaco Jack

Troll/Sight Fish Biting This Week

  • None

From Captain Payton

Wow the fishing has been hot offshore! The wind & weather hasn’t always cooperated, but the bite has been great whenever we can get out there.

Lots of smaller fish that we are legally allowed to keep this year, but they have been plentiful. The mingos have been on fire lately, and hopefully that doesn’t change! Even the full moon bite was great.

We have been fishing with 2 hook rigs over natural bottom with cut squid. That has been the easiest way to get them lately, and it wasn’t failed us the last few weeks at all.

We found some almaco jack over structure and had a blast jigging them up! We used a 6oz verticals jig to get them. Color didn’t matter to them. We also caught them on whole squid as well.

Tons of big red snapper out there biting the line. We can’t wait for summer to get here and warm us up, & get these snapper on ice!

Scamp grouper have been really active too lately. Try live squirrel fish or pinfish if you can find any!

That’s all for this week. Can’t wait for the fishing next week.

Tight lines y’all!

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