Destin Fishing Report (Week of Jan 27, 2022)

Photo from a Destin, FL fishing charter week of

Which fish are biting out on the water in Destin this week? We have the inside scoop from our captains in this week’s fishing report.

Here are the details:

Bottom Fish Biting This Week

  • Vermilion Snapper
  • White Snapper
  • Scamp Grouper

Troll/Sight Fish Biting This Week

  • None

From Captain Payton

This week has been a nicer one than last week! After the weather calmed down and winds died, we were about to get out there and get after the mingo (vermillion) snapper. The bite has been picking up with less pressure on the reefs, with most of the bull mingos being caught in 150-200ft of water. Try using squid or mackerel on two hook rigs for these guys.

We are also getting into the scamp grouper some on natural bottom by jigging on the ocean floor. Use a butterfly jig or bounce the weight of a two hook rig with cut bait on it to find some success.

The flounder are pretty thick on the near shore reefs as well. You can target them with live shrimp on a Carolina rig. I’d suggest using a leader that has some lighter test line on it.

As far as the duck hunting goes, the birds are beginning to raft up in big rafts and move less. The hunting has slowed significantly since last week, and the last few days of season are looking more and more like it’s time to target some woodies in the mornings instead of redheads.

Tight lines y’all!

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