Destin Fishing Report (Week of Jan 20, 2023)

Photo from a Destin, FL fishing charter week of

A new fishing report from the captains at Southern Country Charters. Our team has been out on the water this week and has the latest information on what fish are actively biting. Take a look below:

Bottom Fish Biting This Week

  • Amberjack
  • Triggerfish
  • Vermilion Snapper
  • White Snapper
  • Black Snapper
  • Gag Grouper

Troll/Sight Fish Biting This Week

  • None

From Captain Payton

It was a great week until the weather turned! The offshore bite has been continued to be hot. Mingo snapper, white snapper, and sand perch are all on fire. Using cut squid on two hook rigs as usual has paid off big time with these guys.

Scamp have been biting on and off well too. If you find a good scamp bite, I hope you have a few pinfish in the livewell for them! It’s worth trying to snag a few for bait before you head offshore right now.

The sheepshead inshore have been biting very well at the bridges and jetty’s. Live shrimp & fiddler crabs seem to be doing the trick well. Make sure that leader line is small though, or they’ll just turn their nose up at you and swim away! (Plus it’s more fun using lighter tackle)

Word on the street is the blackfin May be showing up earlier this year due to an early run of squid! It may be worth trolling again soon to see if you can luck into any tuna or kings early on this season.

Tight Lines Y’all!

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